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Power Cut 0 Alida Combrink
Power Cut 0 Alida Combrink
Off-line 0 June Wang
PLEASE READ: Responding to Moodle notifications 0 Sandra Storz
Emails are bouncing back from MSN Outlook Hotmail 0 Saroj Neupane
Internet outage on 13/07/2020 between 12:30 to 1:30 0 Saroj Neupane
PDF Scan App 0 Saroj Neupane
Initial Survey 2020 0 Carrie-Anne Grey
Initial Survey 2020 0 Carrie-Anne Grey
Moodle Maintenence 0 Saroj Neupane
Voices of Sacred Earth with Orientation 0 Sarah Churchouse
Journal Club follow-up requirement 0 June Wang
Reception closing times 0 Sarah Churchouse
use of correct Email address 0 Saroj Neupane
Health And Business Series 0 Saroj Neupane
Change of Venue for Yoga - YG105 0 Carrie-Anne Grey
Moodle is up now 0 Saroj Neupane
Moodle update reminder 0 Saroj Neupane
Moodle Upgrade during Break 0 Sandra Storz
Lost and Found 0 Sarah Churchouse
Lost and Found Property 0 Sarah Churchouse
Reduced Library Services 0 Sandra Storz
Moodle will be down due to Update 0 Saroj Neupane
Shared Lunch last week of the term 0 Sandra Storz
WIFI Password 0 Saroj Neupane
Test Message 0 Saroj Neupane
Moodle Fora and Notificationns work again 0 Sandra Storz
Remembering Christchurch 0 Sarah Churchouse
Library Late Night Change 0 Sonya Bolek
Moodle Update this Saturday 0 Sandra Storz
Re-Enrol Now 0 Saroj Neupane
Power Outage Update 0 Sandra Storz
Power Outage 0 Saroj Neupane
Welcome back: Very important, please read. 0 Sarah Churchouse
Study Link 0 Saroj Neupane
Updates regarding the Bridge and Classes. 0 Sarah Churchouse
Room changes for next week 0 Saroj Neupane
Bridge into Wellpark College 0 Sarah Churchouse
Moodle Technology Updates 0 Saroj Neupane